This kiln is in Stock. The HF 2327 is for studios who desire cone 10 ability along with firing performance. Design details include 3" firebrick for greater firing efficiency, multi-zone Rampmaster II control for superior temperature distribution and Evenheat's Patented Dyna-Lift lid lift assist that's easy on you and the kiln.
SKU: KL HF2327

The HF 2327 is designed to fire ceramic materials up to 1288°C, cone 10 on a daily basis, 48 amps and three phase.

This kiln can be re-configured to single phase prior to shipping if requested.

59.7cm Dia. x 68.6cm Deep - 198L, 7 cubic feet

The kiln comes with 2 position lid vent, swing Away Peephole cover, single Maintance Line, Rampmaster II Controller, Mutli-Zone Control, Lid security Bar, Full Stainless Steel Jacket, Dyna-Lift Lid Lift Assist, Corner Mounting Technique, 7.6cm Brick Construction, Great Lid Handle and a Properly Designed Stand

Our HF 2327 model features a "Maintenance Line". The Maintenance Line is a split in the jacket that allows the HF 2327 to be partially disassembled for ease in element replacement and kiln installation. The Maintenance Line is held securely in place through the use of stainless steel plates and screws. Simply remove the screws and separate the sections for maintenance or installation. We do not use buckles to hold the sections together as they tend to loosen and allow shifting during loading, unloading and use.

The HF Series feature our RampMaster II fully programmable, automatic temperature controller. Fire using a series of preset firing profiles or create your own custom firing with the Ramp Mode feature. The Rampmaster II has proven itself for 10+ years. It's a solid, trouble-free control made exclusively for Evenheat by Bartlett Instrument Company.

Multi-zone control uses a number of temperature sensors to develop and maintain an equal temperature throughout the firing chamber. Multi-zone provides accurate and predictable results regardless of load volume

We build our kilns with full stainless jackets from top to bottom. Full stainless jackets mean absolutely solid, life extending construction. There are no leaks, no shifting and no weakness. 

The Dyna-Lift lightens the force needed to operate the kiln lid. It does so with ease and grace and with no negative effects upon the kiln itself. Hallmarks of the design include no kiln body connection, single point lifting and emphasis on allowing the lid to act naturally.

Contact us for a full quote including freight to you, please note prices might vary.

A furniture kit is available

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