Duncan Pure Brilliance

For a sparkling, protective finish to your ware, apply a Duncan® Clear Glaze. We offer a wide range of clear dipping and brush-on formulas, perfect for all of your needs! Clear Dipping Glazes save time when glazing a high volume of ware and make applying glaze to large pieces fast and easy. Clear Brush-On Glazes offer excellent control of application. They’re convenient and easy to use. The absolute best choice for safety and environmental concerns is a product labeled as “nontoxic.” These products have no lead added and can be safely used and disposed of by everyone. Pure Brilliance® Clear Glaze • Earth friendly • Brilliant shine, enhances color • Craze resistant, easy to use • Available in both dipping and brush-on formulas


SKU: PB26396
Pure Brilliance® Clear Glaze, Brilliant shine, enhances colour, easy to use available in both dipping and brushing. Dinnerware safe, non -toxic
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